International Youth Day - August 12
Sat Aug 12th

International Youth Day

Every year on August 12, we celebrate International Youth Day (IYD). We celebrate youth around the world on this day to celebrate the promising future in today's society. In addition, the day brings global attention to the problems youth face in their everyday lives.

The World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth first will make proposals to the United Nations to recognize youth on an international basis. U.N Resolution 54-120 became a reality in 1999, just after the precedent was established. Since then, International Youth Day has celebrated "to raise greater awareness of the World Programme of Action for Youth" on an international level, respectively.

Around the world, there are nearly two million youth aged 10 to 24 around the world. Sadly, nearly half of the population of war-torn areas live in war-torn areas. In addition, many of today's youth do not have access to education, healthcare, education, and opportunities. Despite the fact that youth unemployment is high, many are extremely tech-savvy. In fact, youth today respond quickly to technological transitions.

One of the main objectives of IYD is to teach youth how to live a healthier life for themselves. Youth learn to be involved in society from the start with democracy. Future generations will make the world a better place by teaching youth how to cope with social injustice and promote peace.

How to celebrate international #youthday on international #youthday

One way to show your love for IYD is by participating in social growth with youth in your neighborhood. By acknowledging youth groups, you are showing your love and encouraging youth to share ideas and solutions to today and the future's challenges. On social media, post your support for IYD using the hashtags #YouthDay and #TransformingEducation.

#youthday in the world's largest #youthday tradition has a long tradition

Since 1999, International Youth Day has celebrated youth around the world through U.N Resolution 54-120. In addition, each year, a new theme emerges as a top priority for international celebrations.