National Book Lovers Day | August 9
Wed Aug 9th

National Book Lovers Day

National Book Lovers Day, August 9th, brings together all the excitement bibliophiles feel about books into one celebration.


National Book Lovers Day is a day for all those who love to read, National Book Lovers Day encourages you to choose your new reading spot, a good book (whether it be fiction or non-fiction) and read the day away.

Step back in time

  • The book pages were printed on parchment or vellum (calf-skin) for the first books
  • The book covers were made of wood and often lined with leather, and they were often covered with leather
  • The books were not closed due to clasps or straps
  • Public libraries first appeared in the Middle Ages
  • To discourage robbery, public libraries often chained the books to a shelf or a desk

Moving forward Book publishers use digital printing in conjunction with several recent advancements, as well as other recent innovations. Toner rather than ink is used to print book pages. Print-on-demand opens up a whole new world of publishing as a result of digital printing's advent. In this situation, distributors don't print the books until the customer places the order.

People read E-books more often than ever. People read E-books more and more. E-book (electronic book) refers to a book-length book in digital form. They are usually available online. However, they can also be found on CD-ROM and other media formats. Read an E-book on a computer or via a portable book display unit known as an e-book reader, such as a Reader, Nook, or Kindle.

How to celebrate national book lovers day

Sit back, relax, and READ! Don't forget to share the joy of reading with young people in your household. Inspire them with your new book or find out about the last one they took off the shelf. Read to the littlest of the up-and-coming readers, too. And tell us what you're reading with us! Want more ways to celebrate? Need more ways to celebrate? We've got them!

  • To read or explore the shelves for a new title you would like to buy, visit the website for one you would like to buy
  • Explore the shelves of used book stores. You may find an out-of-print tome that could be the focal point of your collection
  • Discover the world of online bookstores. Their range of subjects and collectible items are also included in their catalog
  • Video of you reading a tale about a child in your household
  • Randomly give a book to someone
  • Visit your public library to find a new tome

Use #NationalBookLoversDay to post on social media and spread the word.

History of national book lovers day in the United States has spanned history

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National book lovers day faq FAQ

  • Q What other book holidays are there?

A. More than a dozen book, author, and reading-related holidays fill the calendar. On April 23, World Book Night and Talk Like Shakespeare Day will be celebrated

Both May and November are in May and November for Children's Book Week.

In March, you can read an E-Book Week article.

Random Acts of Poetry Day is in October. National Friends of Libraries Week is another one in October.

Many authors are also commemorated on the calendar, and others have organized their own National Day celebrations. Tolkien, Sherita J. Herring, DeAnna Bookert, and Lisa Wiehebrink.

  • Is print book sales decreasing? Q Is printed book sales decreasing?
  • As on 2019 estimates, print book sales are down in brick-and-mortar stores, but in virtually every segment, revenues are up in almost every segment
  • What do you mean by a collection of unread books? Q What do you mean by a collection of unread books?

A. The word tsundoku in Japanese is tsundoku. In the English language, there is no such thing as this. Bibliophiles often have such a collection, but they often have more unread books than read ones