Wiggle Your Toes Day | August 6
Sun Aug 6th

National Wiggle Your Toes Day

On August 6, National Wiggle Your Toes Day gives people the opportunity to display the digits on their feet. The day encourages us to give our feet (and our toes) a little more attention.


Take a walk in the fresh grass and give your phalanges a break. They'll thank you. If you're giving them some autonomy, make sure they get a buff, too. That'll give them something to wiggle about. Dangle in the water is another thing naked toes like to do. Take them for a dip. To get a fresh look, some spas even hired fish to nibble your toes. They'll give them a gentle massage afterward. Your toes will wiggle in delight, then!

Even little feet love a gentle rub. Perhaps a few toe tickling games will ensue as everyone relaxes.

Going shoe shopping is another way to look at this day. If it hasn't already, soon school will be back. Happy feet are certain to make for happy feet, and happy feet are wiggled their toes. Be sure no one in the family tries on their shoes.

Shoe fitting tips

  • Measure your feet
  • For the shoe, wear the sock
  • Toe: They should wiggle, but they should leave 1/2 inch at the toe
  • Also, leave some space at the heel (1/8 inch)
  • In the shoes, walk around in the shoes
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Our toes will surely be admired if we wiggle our toes at the beach, the park, or home.

How to celebrate national wiggle your toes day?

On the beach, let the toes feel the grass or the sand. Dangle them in the water at the pool or let them feel the cool pebbles along a shoreline. When posting on social media, use the hashtag #WiggleYourToesDay.

Your national wiggle your toes day history

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