National Oyster Day | August 5
Sat Aug 5th

National Oyster Day

National Oyster Day is August 5th, so get slurping on August 5th! In several regions of the world, oysters are popular as seafood.


Did you know there are over 100 species of oysters? Did you know there are over 100 different species of oysters? Interestingly, oysters tend to take on the characteristics of the water in which they live. They're often named after the body of water in which they grow due to this.

Although most people like fresh oysters raw, the shellfish can also be savored in a variety of ways. Oysters add a lot of flavor to Thanksgiving dressing as a side dish. They also make delectable stews, soups, and chowders. With or without the shell, the oysters will be baked, grill, or broil.

These mollusks are packed with essential nutrients, whether cooked or raw. Since oysters contain a high amount of vitamins B12 and A, they may help with heart, skin, and brain health. These vitamins also support lung and kidney health. In addition, oysters are beneficial to the ecosystem because their valves are capable of clearing an ecosystem of pollutants.

Here are some other surprising oyster facts: Here are some other surprising oyster facts:

  • More oysters are grown in the world than in any other body of water. The Chesapeake Bay in the United States produces more oysters per year than any other body of water
  • The world loves oysters! Around the world, we consume almost two billion pounds of oysters each year
  • The east and west coast U.S. oysters are very different from each other, with Illustrating how the body of water influences the flavor of the oysters. On the east coast, oysters tend to be smaller, milder, and saltier. However, west coast oysters take on a creamy texture and a sweet flavor
  • Only one out of every 10,000 oysters will produce a pearl

How to celebrate national oyster day?

Make or order a dish that calls oysters as one of its main ingredients. Try this Grilled Oyster dish or share a dish with us. You can also celebrate in other ways.

  • Read up on oysters. We recommend The Essential Oyster: A Salty Appreciation of Taste and Texture by Rowan Jacobsen or Appreciating Oysters: An Eater's Guide to Craft Oysters from Tide to Table by Dana Deskiewicz
  • By Erin DeJesus, watch the documentary The Oyster Divers by Erin DeJesus
  • Explore the art of cooking with oysters

To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalOysterDay.

The national oyster day is the first national oyster day in the United States' history

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