Chocolate Chip Cookie Day | August 4
Fri Aug 4th

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, on August 4th, gives us the opportunity to dunk America's most popular cookie. Pour a glass of milk and enjoy whether yours are homemade or storebought.


The cookie would still be the number one without chocolate chips. Or is it?

We also celebrate Ruth Graves Wakefield on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day for that reason. Chocolate chips and a cookie dough go together thanks to her ingenuity and curiosity. We hover around ovens for this reason, relishing the moment the timer dings.

How the chocolate chip cookie was made began by the chocolate chip cookie's makings

Imagine if Ruth Graves Wakefield hadn't run out of baker's chocolate for her cookie recipe that day in 1937. Because that's what happened, that's what happened. The cookie recipe she was making called for baker's chocolate and would have blended well into the dough. However, she was out. And what if Mrs. Wakefield hadn't considered using semi-sweet chocolate instead? She hoped it would just melt into the dough and work much like the baker's chocolate.

What if someone had interrupted Ruth Graves Wakefield that day and caused the cookies to burn and ruin the experiment?

Well, none of that happened. The baker added the chocolate to the dough instead of interruptions or doubts. Mrs. Wakefield's oven's delectable aroma began to waft moments later. Possibly the stench brought a child into the kitchen. Or maybe a visitor to the Tollhouse Inn owned by her and her husband. We may not know the finer details of the day the chocolate chip cookie was made to be. However, we do know Ruth Graves Wakefield made it happen.

We wouldn't know the ecstasy of warm chocolate chip cookie melting on our tongue if it wasn't for her. We know the feeling. Our eyes close in divine bliss, and a flawless smile graces our face as our eyes close. No, if it wasn't for Ruth Graves Wakefield, whole generations would be denied the pleasure that is a chocolate chip cookie.

We could even go so far as to say that she is responsible for all the other nuggets of goodness. We love our chocolate morsels in the same way we enjoy our chocolate delights. Nothing, though, rates quite as high as Ruth Graves Wakefield's chocolate chip cookie in 1937. No, nothing.

How to celebrate national chocolate chip cookie day

Make your favorite chocolate chip cookies and throw some extra chocolate chips into the mix. Give this dish a try. Other ways to commemorate the day include:: Here are some other ways to commemorate the day.

  • Ruth Graves Wakefield: One Smart Cookie by Sarah Howden Read the book Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield: Ruth Graves Wakefield
  • Give your favorite bakery a shout out too
  • Bake a chocolate chip cookie bake-off. Organize a chocolate chip cookie bake-off. It may even be a fundraiser for a local charity
  • Try recipes from Ruth Wakefield's Toll House: Tried and True Recipes

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The first national chocolate chip day in history has been celebrated

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