International Clouded Leopard Day - August 4
Fri Aug 4th

International Clouded Leopard Day

International Clouded Leopard Day, on August 4th, raises concerns of the clouded leopard's plight. Both in the wild and captivity, the clouded leopard needs our assistance to maintain its current population levels and increase.

These graceful and shy animals live in central and south East Asia. The Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosi), also known as the mainland Clouded leopard, is native to the Asian mainland and is named as the mainland Clouded leopard. The Sunda Clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi), a second species of the Sunda Clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi), lives on the Indonesian and Sumatra islands.

These elusive cats are very little is known about them. Conservationists are eager and nocturnal, and they want to know about their reproduction and lifestyle since they are curious and nocturnal. This information will help them control their population. Their population is threatened by their habitat loss and illegal hunting for their fur. According to current estimates, there are fewer than 10,000 Clouded leopards living in the wild.

Although clouded leopards fall into a smaller group of the big cats, their low center of gravity makes them excellent climbers. However, they are not a leopard, despite their name. They are a special and ancient species of feline.

The Clouded leopard, like many shy animals, does not reproduce well in captivity. However, breeding success is dependent on Howlett's Wild Animal Park (a major sponsor of the day).

How to celebrate #cloudedleopardy on a #cloudedleopardy

Learn more about this fascinating animal. At, you can learn more about them and see pictures of them, too. Donate to the group to help them learn more about the Clouded leopard. Follow them for updates on their progress.

The international clouded leopard day is the longest in international clouded leopard day history

In 2018, Wild Animal Park in Howlett established International Clouded Leopard Day to raise concerns about the Clouded leopard. Around the world, the group researches and promotes conservation and protection of endangered species.