Tue Aug 1st

National Girlfriends Day

National Girlfriends Day, on August 1st, encourages women from around the country to come together and celebrate their unique bond of friendship.


Girlfriends fall into several categories. Although many grew up together, some met through work or college. Still, some people have a deeper connection; sisters and mothers also discuss the definition of girlfriends.

Although these types of friendships are on our minds often, we often neglect to schedule time with each other. The day celebrates the laughter and joys that girlfriends bring. Only rarely do girlfriends let another person do it alone. Not only do they enjoy spending time together, but they also support each other. While laughing and sharing secrets, girlfriends give tips, and celebrate victories. When it's time for a glass of wine, a chat over a cup of coffee, or a long walk, girlfriends are there.

If we have one or two, girlfriends make life easier, fuller, and complete. These are the friends that will make you laugh out loud at life's silliest things. When life isn't so generous, a girlfriend is the one you turn to. National Girlfriends Day in its simplest form celebrates the endless ways life is better with our girlfriends in it.

How to recognize national girlfriends day

Today, let your gal pals know how much money they mean to you and how special they are in your family's lives. If you go out for lunch or a drink, reminisce about the past or your future aspirations. Give a small token of appreciation or mail a note. Consider picking up the phone and making plans with your girlfriends. Be sure that these friendships aren't ignored.

Whatever you do, reach out often to stay in touch. To plan for the special day, you should know all about Amazon's Wedding Registry to be prepared. #NationalGirlfriendsDay was used in a social media post by a blogger on social media.

On August 1st, two other claims to National Girlfriends Day appear, as well as two others. Mistress Susan at savionaire.com, the first of the first to celebrate in 2003. Bothie Savarino Kline and Sally Rodgers of sisterwomen.com, who started celebrating in 2006, are the second in the second team, after website team Allie Savarino Kline and Sally Rodgers, who began celebrating in 2006.

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