Respect for Parents Day | August 1
Tue Aug 1st

Respect For Parents Day

Respect for Parents Day, on August 1st, recognizes the leadership roles parents play in not only a child's life but also in our communities.


Parents are given the first expression of love and a sense of stability in their children. Parents and grandparents, as protectors and nurturers, establish a foundation for leading and teaching children to be responsible. Each parent provides a method of contact and a way of making decisions and correcting mistakes.

A parent's involvement in the neighborhood is also vital.

Respect for Parents Day was born in an attempt to "make our families become united and strong by recognizing the leadership roles that parents play and restoring the reverence for parents that was absent in the past." Marilyn Dalrymple of Lancaster, CA, as she created the day, which is observed on August 1st, are the following are the words she used.

This day was launched as a reminder that parents are entitled and expect respect, and for all to consider the place that parents have in society. This isn't limited to children only. Many that wield power over families must also respect the parent.

On a day when parents are the most respected, you will show respect for their parents

How can you show love for your parents? If it isn't something you're worried about, consider these options on August 1: If it isn't something you're worried about much, consider these options:

  • Call your parents and ask them about their day
  • Spend time with your parents doing something they love each week at a set time each week
  • Tell your parents how much you love everything they've done
  • Ask their opinion. Even if you don't take their advice, at least consider their point of view
  • If your parents are older, help them with chores around the house, especially the heavy-duty ones
  • Listen to their wants and needs. If you do, you'll learn something you may not have known before
  • Give them a token of your love and admiration. If you've been following them, you may even surprise them with something they've been craving for a while
  • Although you may disagree with them, consider their point of view. Our parents' lives and experiences influence their choices as they were young, including both good and bad
  • Give your parents some credit for their successes. Teaching them that love, care, and lessons they've instilled in them will help them to have a sense of pride in their children
  • They're in need of a Cook's. While someone else cooks for them, it's their turn to take a break and enjoy a relaxing chat

#RespectForParentsDay is used on social media by the author of this article, and others are encouraged to participate.

The respect for parents day is rooted in the past of parents day respect

Respect For Parents Day, which is annually celebrated on August 1st, is created by Marilyn Dalrymple of Lancaster, C A. You can also sign Mrs. Dalrymple's proclamation.