World Lung Cancer Day - August 1
Tue Aug 1st

World Lung Cancer Day

Each year on August 1, World Lung Cancer Day takes place. The day is a chance to raise concerns about lung cancer causes and prevention.

According to the American Lung Association, lung cancer is the most common cause of death among cancer patients. Fortunately, lung cancer survival rates in the United States have increased by almost 5 percent when diagnosed early enough. However, prevention is still necessary in order to detect and treat lung cancer before it spreads.

Anyone can be affected by lung cancer. Anyone should investigate their risk factors because the disease does not discriminate, it's important for everyone to understand their risk factors. Although several risk factors contribute to lung cancer, a few include air pollution, smoking, exposure to secondhand smoke, and exposure to hazardous chemicals such as radon gas.

Talking to your health care professional is one of the first steps to safeguarding your health. Review your family's medical history. In addition, your healthcare specialist can help you determine your risk factors and schedule any necessary tests. Although a health screening does not prevent disease, it does help prevent disease transmission by early detection.

How to celebrate #worldlungcancerday

If your family history includes lung cancer, consider screened a family member to get screened. Make a day of it by arranging the screening for both of you and having lunch afterward. You will show your love by posting #WorldLungCancerDay on social media. In addition,, educate others on lung cancer prevention and treatment.

The American Lung Association's helpful tips for early detection, as noted by the American Lung Association: Helpful tips for early detection.

  • Lung cancer screening tests were performed
  • Refraining from tobacco use has been discouraged
  • Radon testing in your house
  • Avoiding overexposure to cancer-causing chemicals
  • Eating well and exercising regularly is essential to a healthy lifestyle

Visit the American College of Chest Physicians to learn how to spread the word about lung cancer.

The first world lung cancer day is in history

Betsy Thompson is lauded for her role as the initiator of World Lung Cancer Day. Betsy's foundation, the Lung Cancer Survivors Foundation, began promoting the day as a way to raise concerns of lung cancer and its causes. Her vision continues through education and screening around the world, respectively.