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Thu Jul 27th

National Walk On Stilts Day

On July 27, it is National Walk on Stilts Day, so many people are getting taller while walking around each year. To participate in the fun, get a pair of stilts for yourself, find your equilibrium, and start practicing.

"Walking stilts are poles with steps for the feet to stand on and straps to tie them to the legs for the purpose of walking when elevated above a normal height."

  • Stilt-walking today, an ancient craft, is most commonly seen at the circus, in festivals, at street fairs, and parades
  • Stilt-walking was widespread in Ancient Greece as far back as the 6th century BC, according to Archaeological ruins
  • Stilt-jousting has been a tradition in Namur, Belgium, for more than 600 years
  • In the late 1800's, shepherds and others from France's Landes region used stilts to ease traveling through the rugged terrain of bushes, trees, and ponds of water and traversing marshes with ease
  • Fruit farmers use aluminum stilts
  • Stilts are used for washing large windows, repairing roofs, painting high walls and ceilings, and drywall companies

If you go for one, have fun with your stilt-walking attempt and thrill, but be cautious!

The national walk on stilts day history has a rich past in the United States

We were unable to find the maker or the source of National Walk On Stilts Day, a "unofficial" national holiday, within our investigation.