National Aunt and Uncle’s Day | July 26
Wed Jul 26th

National Aunt And Uncle's Day

On July 26th, National Aunt and Uncle's Day honors a special group of relatives we can relate to throughout our lives. Aunts and uncles often have a special place in our hearts during holidays, family gatherings, and even sleepovers. They add hum, laughter, passion, and countless memories to our days.


This holiday gives us the opportunity to spend time with our parents' children, those we trusted, and those who leaned on growing up. It will be a great time to get out the old photo albums. View through the photos and relive the memories of earlier days around the Christmas tree or at the 4th of July picnic or beach vacation, with those special aunts and uncles in your family. Get together with your relatives and create new memories. Remind them of all the reasons why they are so excited to have them in your household. Celebrate the lessons they've taught you and then share them with the next generation.

Documenting family memories and history is another way to commemorate the day. Many memories of growing up with our parents and grandparents are recalled by Aunts and uncles. It's a worthwhile venture to share their stories and recording them for future generations. is one of the ways to record those is a website that publishes stories.

How to honor national aunts and uncle's day in the United States and uncle's day

Call your aunts and uncles on the day. Ensure all the value they've added to your life and tell them about it. Share a meal, write them a note, and encourage them the way they once did. Using the hashtag #AuntAndUnclesDay, photograph them and post them on social media.

The day of national aunt and uncle's day in the United States has a rich tradition

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