National Disability Independence Day | July 26
Wed Jul 26th

National Disability Independence Day

On July 26th, 1990, the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was commemorated on National Disability Independence Day (ADA).


The ADA provides safeguards against employment discrimination, as well as improved access to products, services, and services for people with disabilities.

The ADA's centennial is commemorated on the ADA's anniversary, but it also serves several other functions. The law first cracked down barriers people with disabilities faced every day, including those with disabilities. It also marked a point of change that was not immediately apparent. Over time, common barriers such as narrow doors and small bathroom stalls became available to wheelchairs. Braille signs and crosswalks for the vision impaired are two other examples. The changes improved mobility and security.

The act prompted designers to innovate technology in lieu of structural changes. Often, physical limitations restrict a person's ability to obtain legal or health information. New assistive technologies make it possible to obtain the required details.

The world continues to change in other ways as accessibility increases. For example, many of today's brick and mortar companies are ADA compliant. However, as more companies migrate to online versions, more and more businesses are switching to online versions. Those websites must be able to be found as well as being friendly.

With each advancement in technology, designers must incorporate multifunctional strategies to suit every need. Celebrate the freedom that the ADA inspires with forward-thinking architecture and technology.

How to celebrate national disability independence day on national disability freedom day

Consider how accessible your company is to people with disabilities whether you are an employer or designer. People with disabilities are encouraged to campaign for their rights, as well as the AD A. Give shout outs to local businesses and organizations.

Get inspired, too! Read the biography of Ed Roberts, a pioneer and a leader in disability rights.

Unite with them on July 26th, join them and post #DisabilityIndependenceDay on social media.

The national disability rights day is the first national disability rights day in the United States

The United States with Disabilities Act, which was passed in 1990, is commemorated on National Disability Independence Day.