National Cousins Day | July 24
Mon Jul 24th

National Cousins Day

On July 24th, National Cousins Day honors the lifelong friendships that develop among cousins. Our first friendships with cousins begin as infants and last a lifetime.


If cousins grow up in close-knit families or only see each other occasionally, they share common memories from grandparents, aunts, and uncles. At family reunions, cousins entertain each other and get into trouble together, as well. They're birthdays and may even blow out the other's candles to their cousin's annoyance. When their siblings annoy them, cousins become an ally. Sometimes cousins seem more like siblings, especially if they are only children.

As cousins get older, watching their children grow reminds them of their youth. And that's when the cycle begins anew.

Every age of cousins is celebrated on this day – new baby cousins and cousins whose babies are all grown up.

How to honor national cousins day by observing national cousins day

Take a picture of your cousins and relatives. If you are too far away, send a text to your cousins who are too far away. Give them a call if you need to hear their voices. Reminisce over the good times. Be sure to laugh about those things that didn't seem so funny at the time. #NationalCousinsDay was used in social media by Post photos on social media.

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