National Vanilla Ice Cream Day | July 23
Sun Jul 23rd

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day


Vanilla Ice Cream Day, the second most popular dessert in America, is a hat on July 23rd. Vanilla, take a bow. We all scream for...VANILLA ICE CREAM!! Of course, the day is part of National Ice Cream Month, not too far behind National Ice Cream Day.

Vanilla is the most common flavoring in North America for ice cream, since Americans adore vanilla ice cream so much. In fact, many people regard vanilla ice cream as the default flavor.

Many may be familiar with Thomas Jefferson's vanilla ice cream recipe. While visiting France, the third president of the United States may have discovered a penchant for the vanilla flavor. Jefferson loved jotting down recipes, although he may not have been the first to enjoy the delectable taste of vanilla ice cream. The same was true of ice cream. In the 1780s, he also made a handwritten copy of a vanilla ice cream recipe. Only ten copies are still available. In fact, the Library of Congress has one copy that has a cookie recipe on the flip side. The ice cream parlor at Mt. today, the ice cream parlor. Rushmore in South Dakota makes the same dish so that everyone can have a try.

How to celebrate national vanilla ice cream day

Make your own with this old fashioned homemade vanilla ice cream dish for you to enjoy! While you're at it, invite some friends to enjoy it with you. Maybe, try some vanilla ice cream instead. Scoop up a dish made from the ice cream in your freezer. Will you add chocolate syrup or caramel? Oh, and don't forget the sprinkles! A photo on social media using #VanillaIceCreamDay to inspire others to do the same.

The national vanilla ice cream day is the longest in national vanilla ice cream day history

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