National Hammock Day | July 22
Sat Jul 22nd

National Hammock Day

Relax in the shade and celebrate National Hammock Day on July 22nd. No matter where you are, these portable, lightweight slings creates great napping areas.


A hammock is a sling made of fabric, rope, or netting. A hammock becomes a sling used for swinging, sleeping, or resting when suspended between two points. We usually suspend a hammock between trees or posts.

The hammock dates back thousands of years to Central America, where it shielded people from creatures and dirt. However, the netted bed didn't find Europe until explorers brought it back in the 17th century. The hammock made its way into naval ships not long after, providing warmth and maximising space.

The hammock became a more leisurely product after swaying across the oceans. It is suspended between trees in backyards and lake cabins made from a variety of fabrics. Hammocks were a key component of survival, being able to be packed into a backpack. Hikers, campers, and mountain climbers were among their kits' light and compact sleep slings.

If the relaxation route seems ho-hum to you, don't go for the loosing option. Extreme hammocking turns the adventure into your rest and relaxation. Thrill-seekers sleep in hammocks hundreds of feet above a canyon floor, hundreds of feet above a canyon floor.

If you use a hammock to take a nap or as a handy piece in your camping bag, the second in the second class recognizes one innovative way to get some sleep.

How to celebrate national hammock day in a variety of ways

Take a nap in your hammock. To celebrate, use your own or borrow a hammock. A hammock festival was held in the great outdoors, bringing people outside to relax. Host is a hammock festival. You can also conduct some study.

  • Is it better to sleep in a hammock or in a bed? The hammock winners were announced by a Swiss research group at the University of Geneva, according to a Swiss research group at the University of Geneva. To see if it's true, perform your own tests to see if it's true
  • Which is quicker to pack, a hammock, or an air mattress?
  • Which is simpler to set up? Sticking to our hammock vs air mattress comparison, which is more straightforward to set up?
  • Manufacturers make hammocks from a variety of materials; which one do you like?
  • Which is quicker to get out of, a hammock, or mattress?

Use #NationalHammockDay to post photos of your hammock experience on social media.

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