National Mango Day | July 22
Sat Jul 22nd

National Mango Day

The mangoes, sweet, fragrant, and juicy, add a slew of flavor to beverages and meals. That's why National Mango Day, July 22nd, honors all the healthy variety this tropical fruit brings to the table.


Hundreds of varieties of mangoes grow around the world today, beginning in Bangladesh and areas of Myanmar and India.

  • Ataulfo – Also known as the Honey mango, the Ataulfo is considered the fruit's Cadillac. The Ataulfo has a small seed and firm, sweet flesh, but not like other varieties, it doesn't become stringy and stringy like other varieties
  • Haden – This popular mango variety was one of the first to be introduced in Florida. It is a fruit that has a sweet and aromatic pine scent that is produced. It doesn't become stringy, and is one of the most popular varieties, with only thin fibers
  • Irwin – This mild mango, which originated from the Haden, is fiberless and is popular with home growers
  • Tommy Atkins – Although this mango is tart and sweet, it is also one of the market's stringiest mangoes

The type of mango will determine how to use it. Sweet, buttery mangoes make for delectable dining. They also work well in salads, develop flavor in marinades, and give a pop of sweetness to spicy salsas. For a refreshing smoothie, add more fibrous mangoes to the blender for a refreshing smoothie.

The nutrients are also packed in by Mangoes. Did you know that one mango contains almost two and a half times more vitamin C than an orange? Mangoes are also high in vitamins A, B-6, and K, antioxidants, potassium, and dietary fiber, and are also high in vitamin A, B-6 and K.

How to celebrate national mango day in the United States

On National Mango Day, explore your produce section and discover the varieties of mangoes they sell on National Mango Day. Try and try new recipes to mark the day. How about trying these ideas, too!

  • At a local restaurant, order a mango-inspired dish
  • Try this Kiwi Mango Parfait
  • A dish with mango is a hit at Highlights
  • Try different varieties of mangoes and have a mango tasting
  • Share your favorite mango dishes
  • Plant a mango tree if you live in a region where mangoes grow

What a versatile fruit! How many ways can you celebrate with mangoes? While you enjoy, use #NationalMangoDay on social media to highlight your mango celebration.

National mango day is the oldest national mango day in history

Originated in India, the National Mango Board in the United States began promoting the day on July 22nd, but the National Mango Board in the United States began promoting the day.