National Fortune Cookie Day | July 20
Thu Jul 20th

National Fortune Cookie Day

On National Fortune Cookie Day, we'll be able to enjoy a crunchy, sweet treat. Each year on July 20th, Americans celebrate the cookie that is a traditional part of Chinese take-out.


These crispy, folded cookies have a hint of buttery sweetness. Break them open, and you will find a slip of paper inside with a note on it. The word will vary from profound words of wisdom or difficult riddles to simple bits of common sense. Famous philosophers' quotes are included in some fortunes.

Although these nuggets of pleasure are most commonly found at the end of a Chinese meal, they didn't originate in China. The distinctively folded cookie originated in Japan, where sophisticated desserts and folding techniques are unequivocally Japanese. However, the fortune was tucked in the fold on the outside of the cookie, as in Japan. The fortune cookie immigrated to the United States and made its transition in the late 1800s sometime in the late 1800s. It exploded in popularity during World War II, and Americans have never stopped enjoying them.

How to recognize national fortune cookie day

Order some Chinese takeout and indulge in some fortune cookie therapy. But that is not the only way to celebrate. Of course not!

  • Make your own fortune cookies by clicking here. Here's a delectable homemade fortune cookie recipe for you to try
  • Make origami paper fortune cookies. Yes, we did find a link for that
  • We know you save your favorite fortunes. Please share them with us
  • Take a shot at writing a fortune while you're sharing. You're going to have to do this if you're making fortune cookies

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The national fortune cookie day is the longest in national fortune cookie day history

To see if we could find the source of this holiday, we opened a fortune cookie to see if we could find the origins of this holiday. This was what it said: Ask the Magic 8 Ball.