National Words With Friends Day | July 19
Wed Jul 19th

National Words With Friends Day

National Words With Friends Day, July 19th, honors friendly competition and clever wordplay. The 2009 launch of the popular game franchise also marks the 2009 launch of the popular game franchise.


People have played word puzzles and games with each other long before the dictionary's invention. The day honors the intellectual spirit and camaraderie that comes with playing word games. Words with Friends, a word that has come to a whole new level of competition with the advent of the internet. We could certainly connect with friends through the games we played, but we could also push ourselves to new levels of word knowledge with more people than ever before.

If you want to pass the time or take each challenge to heart, July 19th is the day to play!

On friends' day, there are national words to observe

Words With Friends is a game that celebrates with a game of Words With Friends! Invite friends to join you in a friendly competition. Challenge yourself to a new high score. You can also use a credit card to enter a house.

  • Download the app and launch a game
  • Share your best score
  • Celebrate the people you associate with
  • Share your most innovative move
  • Share your tips and favorite words to play
  • Wish Words With Friends Happy Birthday!!!

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National words with friends day history

In 2021, Zynga established National Words With Friends Day to commemorate the game's anniversary and to honor the participants who share a passion for smart wordplay and intellectual competition.