International Retainer Day - July 19
Wed Jul 19th

International Retainer Day

On July 19th, International Retainer Day, encourages you to make a pledge to your radiant smile. The day acknowledges what's behind your straight and beautiful smile years after orthodontic treatment: your retainer, a trusted pal used by millions of people around the United States and around the world, and your retainer, a trusted pal worn by millions of people around the country and around the world.

Retainers were invented in the early 1900s and help prevent teeth from shifting so your smile stays nice and straight. Your teeth will shift if you don't wear your retainer after orthodontic treatment. They may even revert to their old crooked positions.

To protect the smile you invested in, wear your retainer and make it a healthy oral hygiene habit on International Retainer Day.

How to celebrate #internationalretainerday

Your smile deserves to stay beautiful, so wear your retainer to celebrate International Retainer Day. On social media, show us your #InternationalRetainerDay smile and tag us @vivera.retainers.

Retainer not fitting well? Is it old, or did you lose it? It may be time to upgrade it with a more convenient retainer!

You may also learn more about your retainers. For more details, visit Vivera Retainer Facts.

History of an international retainer day has spanned the course of human history

In 2021, Vivera Retainers (from Invisalign clear aligners, Align Technology), the makers of Invisalign clear aligners, Align Technology), sent International Retainer Day to highlight the importance of wearing a retainer after orthodontic treatment.