National Caviar Day | July 18
Tue Jul 18th

National Caviar Day

On July 18, National Caviar Day honors a seafood delicacy with roe on toast. The day also raises concerns about the sturgeon's survival.


Caviar is Sturgeon fish eggs, in simple terms. There are several species of Sturgeon fish in the United States. As a result, the caviar produced a variety of colors depending on the species. Caviar is a healthy dish due to its high protein and vitamins.

Before 1900, the United States led export at 600 tons per year until about 1900. However, the United States banned harvesting for a time to prevent the sturgeon fish from becoming extinct due to over-harvesting of Sturgeon fish for the caviar. The population has never recovered sufficiently since the ban, resulting in caviar's continued use as a luxury product. Since then, harvesting, import, and export have been restricted.

However, since sturgeon don't reach maturity until they are 6-25 years old, depending on the species, starting a farm takes time. Aquaculture must have the right techniques for spawning before they reach maturity. According to the North American Sturgeon and Paddlefish Society, there were 21 sturgeon farms in the United States and Canada by 2012.

The day serves both as an alert of the food source and a delicacy commemoration.

How to celebrate national caviar day is a mystery

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