World Listening Day - July 18
Tue Jul 18th

World Listening Day

Every year on July 18th, World Listening Day encourages people to listen to nature's sounds. It's also a day to learn more about field recording.

Listening is an important part of learning one another. When trying to figure out the world around us, listening is also important. Acoustic ecology is a branch of acoustic ecology, which is a study of human and their environment by sound.

Every day, you should probably hear sounds in your natural environment. These sounds may include the rustling of leaves in the wind. A brook babbling is nearby. As the sun rises, birds are singing as the sun rises. Some sounds may be annoying and others more soothing. Acoustic ecologists take listening to a whole new level. They take time to really listen to the sounds and interpret their meanings. If sounds start to change over time, it could indicate that there are changes in the environment. When animals start to disappear, it could be that they are losing their habitat.

Many that record these kinds of sounds participate in a technique called field reporting. Some of those who do this sit on the ground, listening for hours at a time. They also go to various kinds of environments to record sounds, as well as recording sounds. These environments may include forests, deserts, plains, oceans, and mountains. Some also do field recording in urban areas. Many in cities will be able to see how noise pollution is impacting the climate. Field reporters know that sounds in any environment are trying to say something. All they need to do is stop and listen.

How to celebrate #worldlisteningday

On this day, artists, scientists, ecologists, ecologists, and others interested in better understanding the world's natural environment host a variety of activities. Educational seminars, listening parties, and special performances are among the activities that take place. To participate: To participate: To participate: To participate: You must register:

  • Go outside and take time to listen to the sounds of the world around you
  • Learn more about field recording and find some natural sounds in the outdoors
  • By R. Murray Schafer, read the book "The Tuning of the World"
  • Field recording field recordings are available online. Watch videos about field recording

#WorldListeningDay is a worldwide broadcasting day that has spread word for this day on social media with #WorldListeningDay.

History is a global listening day

In 2008, The World Listening Project (WLP) was established. By listening and field recording, the charitable group is dedicated to increasing knowledge of the world and its natural environment. In 2010, the WLP established World Listening Day. R. Murray Schafer's birthday was celebrated on July 18th in honor of R. Murray Schafer's birthday. Schafer, a well-known Canadian composer, writer, and environmentalist, is a well-known Canadian composer, author, and feminist. He is best known for his research into acoustic ecology. Past themes for the day have included:: The day's theme included:

2021: The Unquiet Earth in 2021: The Unquiet Earth.

The Collective Field in 2020: The Collective Field in 2020. The Collective Field in 2020: The Collective Field.


Future Listening 2018: Future Listening 2018: Future Listening.

Listening to the Ground, 2017: Listening to the Ground.