Peach Ice Cream Day | July 17
Mon Jul 17th

National Peach Ice Cream Day

With a few scoops at the peak of peach season, the day is sweetened by the National Peach Ice Cream Day on July 17th.


This is just in time since peaches are peaking in July. It also falls right in the middle of National Ice Cream Month. So, now is a great time to add peach ice cream to the growing list of flavors to choose from when it comes to frozen, creamy treats.

There are two main peaches – freestone and clingstone – in general speaking. The difference has to do with whether the flesh comes out of the stone or the pit in the middle of the peach. The peach is a freestone peach when the meat falls free from the stone; if the flesh clings to it, it is a clingstone.

Although Georgia may be the first state to come to mind when we think of peaches, California actually leads the nation in production. Peaches are grown in the United States by 20 states. South Carolina and New Jersey are the other top producers outside of California and Georgia. Peaches in Pennsylvania and Washington also grow a lot of peaches.

When it's ripe and full of peachy juices, this sweet stone fruit makes delectable ice cream. To make this ice cream, you don't have to use fresh peaches. If the grocery or farmer's markets don't have frozen peaches in yet, buy frozen peaches if the grocery or farmer's markets don't have them in. The family will love making homemade ice cream together. The best part of finishing the dish on a hot summer day will be eating it.

How to celebrate national peach ice cream day

For an old-fashioned ice cream social, grab your ice cream maker and invite your friends and neighbors over for an old-fashioned ice cream social! Give this homemade peach ice cream dish a try. For a quick guide to the best peaches, visit Flock Hollow for tips on picking fresh peaches.

You can also visit an ice cream parlor and order a dish or cone. Don't be afraid to sprinkle sprinkles or some pecans.

#PeachIceCreamDay is a hashtag that can be used on social media.

History of national peach ice cream day has spanned history

The source of Peach Ice Cream Day is currently unknown.