National Yellow Pig Day | July 17
Mon Jul 17th

National Yellow Pig Day

On July 17th, the number 17th and its significance to mathematics are honoured, as well as its significance to mathematics.


Consider these facts: If you don't believe the number 17 plays any role in our lives: If you don't believe the number 17 plays any part in our lives.

  • The number 17 is a premium number in the realm of prime numbers, and it is a prime number. Add the first four prime numbers together, and 17 is their sum
  • With passengers inside, the average school bus weighs 17 tons
  • Each of the following words has 17 letters: 17 letters stand for each of the following words
  • interdisciplinary
  • telecommunication
  • misinterpretation
  • commercialization
  • electrophotometer
  • Chlorine's atomic number is 17
  • The 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, California, has a road named as the 17 Mile Drive. However, the road is only 16.78 miles long, but it is not necessarily long
  • The people of the United States Constitution were granted the right to elect their senators by popular vote under the 17th Amendment of the United States Constitution. The senators will be elected to Congress by each state's legislature before the states ratified the amendment on April 8, 1913

The number 17 is not so random occurrence of the number 17. Take a look! The Yellow pig!

How to observe national yellow pig day

Round up your yellow pigs by brushing up on your calculus and rounding up your yellow pigs. Look for the number 17. It's everywhere! We also have more ideas to help you celebrate: We even have more suggestions to help you celebrate:

  • See how many times you find the number 17 in the newspaper on July 17. See how many times you find the number 17 in the newspaper on July 17
  • Do 17 jumping jacks
  • You can order a round of drinks for 17 people (you're the big spender)
  • Peach Ice Cream is served in 17 spoons
  • Buy 17 lottery tickets
  • A number 17 tattoo has 17 tattoos, the most popular one being 17 tattoos

If you're celebrating, be sure to post #NationalYellowPigDay on social media.

The national yellow pig day is the longest in national yellow pig day tradition

National Pig Day dates back to the early 1960s, according to our study. Two mathematicians by the name of Michael Spivak and David Kelly were investigating the random properties of the number 17 and a mysterious yellow pig's random numbers. According to it, the procedure became oversimple and professional. Kelly gave lectures and taught classes about Yellow Pig, and Spivak made publications in several mathematics books. Spivak does subtly refer to the number 17 and Yellow Pig, although not based on it.