National Lottery Day | July 17
Mon Jul 17th

National Lottery Day

If you're extra lucky on July 17th, it could be because it's National Lottery Day! Lotteries are contributing to local and state programs, which is a celebration.


Lotteries date back to the 15th century. Although early lotteries funded village needs by feeding and clothing the poor, the homeless were also improved defenses. Manfred Zollinger, one of the oldest lotteries in Bruges, Belgium, dates back to 1441.

Merchants paid for the opportunity to win money prizes in early lotteries. Often, the grand prizes included the tax farm on the wijnscrooderschap (wine transporters). One grand prize winner was given the opportunity to own the tax farm, according to these early Renaissance lotteries. Quality control of the wine was also included in their winnings. Merchants would have a lucrative market if they won this lottery, there's no doubt.

During the American Revolution, early lotteries in the United States paid for cannons. The East Coast was also paved with roads leading up and down. Lottery funds were also paved. Today, the lotteries are owned and operated by states. The funds they raise support government services and the communities they serve.

How to recognize national lottery day is a mystery

On July 17th, the day encourages local and state lotteries to have special promotions. Lotteries in each of their regions are recognized for their contributions. Watch for promotions in the lottery nearest to you. To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalLotteryDay to post.

The national lottery day has been a national lottery day in the United States' history

In 2018, Massachusetts State Lottery established National Lottery Day to offer lottery customers with a day of special promotions for lottery products. The Massachusetts State Lottery has been a vital source of unrestricted local assistance in the Commonwealth since selling their first ticket in 1972.