National Personal Chef Day | July 16
Sun Jul 16th

National Personal Chef Day

National Personal Chef Day, which takes place each year, honors personal chefs around the United States' dedication and hard work.


There's a difference between a personal chef and a private chef. A private chef usually works exclusively for one client and lives in a person's house or on the property. A personal chef may have many clients, run their own company, or work for a corporation.

A personal chef's services may include cooking meals in the clients' homes or providing meals that have already prepared. They can also develop a meal plan based on dietary restrictions or the client's preferences. Clients then follow instructions from the chef for preparing the meals. Catering is also available by some personal chefs.

Since being a personal chef is a competitive market, education and preparation are all necessary. Although not all personal chefs enroll in a culinary school, they do have years of experience and have honed their skills in the trade.

A personal chef can't cook for long stretches of time. Depending on the client, shopping, planning, and clean up are all essential tasks. Many people will spend long hours on their feet, as a personal chef with many clients will also spend long hours on their feet. Personal Chef Day acknowledges the hard work and often lonely hours a chef devotes to their art. Many days also need additional research for patients with allergies or special diets. However, they are still striving to create in the kitchen due to their passion for cooking and bringing healthy, delicious meals to the table. Personal chefs are honored throughout the day by the celebration, who are inspired to continue improving their skills and company.

In February of each year, some celebrate this holiday.

How to celebrate national personal chef day

This day is for you, for those who want to become a personal chef or run their own business. Pat yourself on the back. If you know someone who would like to be a personal chef, please encourage them. Be their taste tester. Thank a personal chef you know for their outstanding service. Give them a shout out or a suggestion. To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalPersonalChefDay.

The national personal chef day is the first national personal chef day in history

National Personal Chef Day was established by the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA).