National I Love Horses Day | July 15
Sat Jul 15th

National I Love Horses Day

On National I Love Horses Day, we honor one magnificent creature on National I Love Horses Day on July 15th.


These spirited animals have a lot to love, with over 200 breeds. Their loyalty and fidelity throughout history may only be a small part of the reasons why they love them. Horses were cleared fields, fought wars, and moved cattle, not just a means of transportation, but also a means of transportation. Their companionship was essential on long lonely trails, beyond their usefulness. Cattlemen, pioneers, and others recognize horses as the lifeblood of a burgeoning world.

Horse breeds

The Shire is the tallest horse breed in the United States. This draft horse breed tower tower stands 17 hands above the tiny Falabella, which grows to only eight hands and is the smallest breed of horse.

The quarter horse, which is known for its speed on a short track, is one of the three fastest breeds of horses. Thoroughbreds follow quarter horses for longer distances, but Arabians outlast both breeds for endurance on the longest distances in the longest distances.

Horse facts

At once, a horse can see almost 360° at a time. It's impossible to sneak up on a horse because of all of this. Their only blind spots are directly behind them and in front. However, don't approach a horse from behind; their strong hind legs can do serious harm if they defend themselves with a kick. Since horses have such a wide range of vision, they can be easily distracted or startled. To prevent the horse's view from the side, trainers will wear blinders or blinkers on their harness. The horse's small piece of leather helps them to concentrate their attention forward.

A horse's hooves are made of the same keratin protein as human hair and fingernails. Farriers who work with horses' hooves are experts in caring for horses' hooves. They not only fit horses with shoes, but they also trim their hooves and make suggestions for hoof care and foot health. Since horses spend a considerable amount of time on their feet, a farrier's care is vital to their overall wellbeing.

How to celebrate national i love horses day

Celebrate by riding a horseback ride at a local stable. In a national park, see a glimpse of wild horses. If you have one, spend time riding your own horse. These 14 Interesting Equine Careers are if you're looking to spend more time with horses.

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