National Tape Measure Day | July 14
Fri Jul 14th

National Tape Measure Day

On National Tape Measure Day, measuring twice means something more on National Tape Measure Day on July 14th.


Alvin J. Fellows of New Haven, Connecticut, made the lives of carpenters, electricians, seamstresses, and scores of other tradesmen and craftsmen simpler. Fellows was given a patent for "Improvements in Tape Measures" on July 14, 1868, which began a whole new era of measurement. Enter the age of retractable tape measures.

The first recorded use of the tape measure dates back to the Romans, using marked strips of leather. James Chesterman, an Englishman, invented a steel measuring tape before Fellows' invention, but it was expensive for its time. It was equivalent to $300 in today's U.S. dollars at $17 in 1853, which was equivalent to $300 in today's U.S. dollars. Chesterman's big, bulky style didn't fit in a pocket or even a toolbox. When Fellows' patent came along, tape measures became the toolbox's sliced bread.

The tape measure we know and use now comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. You can find some that are smaller than your hand or longer in lengths of 300+ feet. They are used for everything from DIY projects at home, by consultants, and in building, at a much cheaper price. They are a common fixture in nearly every household.

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Purchase a tape measure and measure to your heart's content. Keep one in your glove compartment, purse, junk drawer, backpack, and backpack, and buy more as gifts. They're incredibly useful, and they're undeniably useful. A tape measure comes in handy when space needs to be filled or a photograph needs to be hung. Who doesn't have parts to replace? For that, you need a tape measure. Is there a honey-do list on your honey-do list? Celebrate your tape measure. It's summer, so there's probably a watermelon seed spitting competition going on somewhere. Get out your tape measure!

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