National Mac and Cheese Day | July 14
Fri Jul 14th

National Mac And Cheese Day

On July 14th, one of the classic comfort foods earns a place of honor. It's National Mac and Cheese Day!


The golden goodness of cheese, mac and cheese shines as a side dish while also standing on its own as a main dish. Made with macaroni noodles, cream, or milk, and the golden goodness of cheese, mac and cheese shines as a side dish. This dish reminds many of us of home while still teaching us the basics of the kitchen. What other recipes call for us to create so flamboyantly and often with so little experience in cooking.

There's a recipe for everyone, from the classic mac and cheese with cheddar or American cheeses to the spicy cowboy mac with bacon and jalapenos. Make up the cheeses or load up on seasonings. It's simple to get a toasty crust by setting the broiler for a few minutes at the end of the cooking time.

Mac and cheese is one of a number of ways to enjoy it. It warms us up after a long day as a soup. For a meal made for a hungry, crowded family, the Stuff inside a meatloaf or a burger. For delectable appetizers, roll up bite-sized pieces of bread crumbs and deep fry. Put your favorite mac and cheese into two slices of crusty bread. For some grilled yumminess, Then converted into a panini press. We're covered, whether we like it mild or spicy, mac and cheese has us covered.

mac and cheese is also easy to make, and it allows us to try new flavors we love. We're getting to know our mac and cheese skills, and it makes us look good. Sometimes the can opener won't do that. We love mac and cheese, but it taught us how to cook, too, on July 14th.

How to celebrate national mac and cheese day

Enjoy some mac and cheese! Try it with toppings or experiment with different cheeses. Don't be afraid to break out of your normal routine. This is no time to be joking about it. It's not only convenient, but also delicious and delectable. To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalMacAndCheeseDay.

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History of national mac and cheese day has spanned history

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