National Pecan Pie Day | July 12
Wed Jul 12th

National Pecan Pie Day

On July 12th, National Pecan Pie Day will be celebrated, so grab a slice on July 12th and celebrate National Pecan Pie Day! Mix up the ingredients using mainly corn syrup, pecan nuts, salt, and vanilla. Occasionally, recipes change based on whether you're looking for sugar syrup, molasses, or maple syrup. Chocolate and bourbon whiskey are also available in some regions of the country, as well as chocolate and bourbon whiskey. With vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, top it all off.


Many attempts to trace the pecan pie's origins haven't been fruitful. The first dated recipes appear in 1897. However, there are evidences of the pie being made in the early 1800s in Louisiana. In 1897, one of the first recipes for a pecan pie appeared in the Lady's Home Journal. The "Texas Pecan Pie" recipe was later reprinted in several newspapers around the country. It contained six ingredients: sugar, sweet milk, pecan kernels, eggs, and flour. Unlike the pecan pies we know today, this dish is basically directions for a custard base.

This dessert was not available in 1940, according to Fannie Farmer and The Joy of Cooking, a well-known cookbook. By then, Karo syrup had made its way into the pantry shelves. Of course, the makers of the sweet syrup also increased the popularity of pecan pie. The pie was a "discovery" in the 1930s by a corporate sales executive's wife as a "new use for corn syrup," according to their company.

History of national pecan pie day in the United States has spanned history

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