Honor Our LGBT Elders Day | May 16
Wed May 17th

Honor Our Lgbt Elders Day

On May 16, the thousands of people in the LGBT community who have paved the way for equality and social recognition are commemorated on Honor Our LGBT Elders Day. Today, take the opportunity to investigate, learn, and promote equality for all LGBT people.


According to a 2016 Gallup Report, nearly 9 million people identify as an LGBT elder in the United States. These older adults face more challenges than any other age group. Discrimination, social stigma, and loneliness are among the most common problems that LBGT elders face on a daily basis. However, older LGBT people are often ignored when care is required.

Learning the past helps educate and develop an understanding of LGBT issues and triumphs both past and present.

  • Henry Gerber, 1924 – Henry Gerber founded the Society for Human rights, the first gay rights group in the United States, founded in 1924
  • 1969 – Stonewall riots begin in New York City in New York City
  • The American Psychiatric Association has withdrawn homosexuality from the official list of mental disorders in 1973. Being gay or lesbian is no longer a mental disorder
  • Massachusetts becomes the first state to recognize same-sex marriage in 2004

Every day, the LGBT community's history continues to be chronicled. All LGBT people have a little more equality than in previous years, thanks to LGBT elders. Although more work remains to be done, LGBT elders who made a difference in the world are being recognized today.

Participants in lgbt elders day are among the many people who are participating in lgbt elders day

  • You should know that Recognize the life of an LGBT elder you know
  • Volunteer to spend time with an LGBT elder in your community
  • An event is being held in which LGBT elders have the opportunity to talk about their experiences
  • A luncheon, tea, or seminar honoring LGBT elders for their service is held at Host, recognizing LGBT elders for their contributions
  • Make a badge of social media and update your profile to highlight your love for an LGBT elder
  • Learn about the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce's history
  • On social media, post #HonorOurLGBTEldersDay to help LGBT elders everywhere

Elders of the lgbt have a long tradition in the lgbt's past

SAGE, the country's largest (and oldest) LBGT group, focuses on improving the lives of LGBT elders. In addition, as advocates for older LGBT adults, they also provide assistance and assistance to those in need. Since 1978, the group is working on legislative reforms that meet LGBT elders' needs by education and support to providers and families. Where appropriate, the government will continue to promote reforms in legislation and provide services where needed.

LGBT people have long been excluded from society. Even though discrimination against an LGBT person today is against the law, there was a time when being LGBT was unlawful. More people who have fresh memories in their minds than LGBT elders are remembering this more than those who have fresh memories in their minds.

The timeline for LGBT equal rights is a long and complicated tale. Until 1962, all 50 states in the United States had criminal charges for same sex relationships. In October of 1974, the first National March in Washington for Lesbian and Gay rights took place. Federal law finally passed in 2003, acknowledging same sex relationships. The first gay marriage in Massachusetts, 2004, was held in Massachusetts. Honor Our LGBT Elders Day was established in 2015 by Nate Sweeney to acknowledge the contributions and leadership of senior members of the LGBT community.