Thu Dec 28th

Holy Innocents Day

On December 28th, the Innocents Day is annually observed on December 28th. As told in Matthew 2:16: The day commemorates the execution of the innocent, male children in Bethlehem.

The Feast of the Holy Innocents (also known as Childermas) in Matthew's account of King Herod's reaction to the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecy. This day is observed in the Western churches on December 28th and Eastern churches on December 29th. The Church has regarded these children as martyrs, Saints of God.

#holyinnocentsday is a worldwide celebration that takes place in the United States

On this day, it is custom to give the youngest child in the household the right to rule the day. The youngest is in charge of everything from what to eat, where to go, and what to do. It is a day for children in Mexico to perform practical jokes and pranks on their elders. To post on social media, use the hashtag #HolyInnocentsDay.

History has a holy innocents day

Herod was born about 74 years B.C. and the Romans named him King of Judea in 37 B.C.

Herod ordered the execution of all the male children in Bethlehem upon learning of the King of the Jews' birth – a threat to his reign and the fulfillment of an Old Testament prophecy. Although scholars debate the precise date and even question whether the massacre took place, the feast has been commemorated since the fifth century's end.