Wed Jun 21st

Go Skateboarding Day

On June 21st each year for Go Skateboarding Day, inspired skaters carve a spot on their calendar.

Retailers, sponsors, parks, and individuals around the world host events showcasing this rebellious and creative culture. Skating has risen in an urban world as a result of athleticism, dance, and art. It also transcends national boundaries and speaks to a diverse population. Skaters test gravity's laws with a variety of ariels and twists, thrilling their followers.

Skateboarding has been evolving and improving since the 1950s. The sport in California, which began with modified surfboards, has since developed to become a worldwide phenomenon. The first skateboards were shorter surfboards with wheels, which were later upgraded to wheels. Since then, every update has enabled skateboarders to produce more advanced and higher tricks.

Skateboarders are among the most popular skateboarders in the United States

  • Danny Way – This international skateboarder hails from California, this international skateboarder puts on a show. For example, check out his risky tips such as jumping from helicopters (1997) and scaling the Great Wall of China (2005)
  • Eric Koston – At the age of 11, Koston began skateboarding and never looked back. He turned pro in 1992 and is a model for many younger skaters today
  • Armanto's Mom – Lizzie Armanto – Armanto, like many athletes, Armanto attributes her triumph to her mother. Her firsts add up, as well as being the first woman to successfully complete Tony Hawk's 360-loop ramp
  • McGill deserved praise as a member of the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, as a member of the Skateboarding Hall of Fame. He also invented the McTwist, an inverted 540° mute grab aerial
  • Tony Hawk – Hawk is a well-known skateboarder worldwide, as well as being a renowned businessman, activist, video game designer, and others

How to celebrate #goskateboardingday

Demonstrating your skills is one of the best ways to commemorate the day. If you do that, be sure to guide another skateboarder by showing them the ropes. As you help others learn their trades, invite them to activities where they can excel at them. You can also plan an event or check out ones near you. Other ways to commemorate the day include:: Here are some other ways to commemorate the day.

  • Learn the latest skateboarding moves
  • Visit your new store and upgrading your board
  • Attend a skateboarding competition
  • In your neighborhood, you can help create a skating park
  • Make a skateboarding video
  • Watch a skateboarding documentary on YouTube

To post on social media, use #GoSkateboardingDay to tweet.

History has gone skateboarding day in the United States

This day, which was established in 2004 by the International Association of Skateboard Companies in California, has developed into a worldwide celebration of the sport.