Global Smoothie Day - October 3
Tue Oct 3rd

Global Smoothie Day

Global Smoothie Day, October 3rd, celebrates how smoothies mixed with whole foods are an easy and enjoyable way to get nutrients. People around the world are also encouraged to drink a smoothie.

The majority of dietary recommendations recommend eating a lot of fruits and vegetables each day. These foods are packed with vitamins that help keep the body healthy. However, if you're like many others, you're bound to have trouble eating your fruits and vegetables. Making a smoothie is one of the most convenient and quick ways to get the nutrients these foods provide. To find some amazingly healthy smoothie recipes, it doesn't take a lot of digging on the internet.

The following ingredients are used to make most smoothie recipes: The following ingredients are listed in most smoothie recipes:

  • Fruit of any kind (berries and bananas work particularly well): Fruit of any sort (berries and bananas work particularly well):
  • Veggies, such as spinach or carrots, are among the spinach or carrots that have been on display in the Veggies
  • Milk that is not dairy, such as almond or oat milk, is used to make non-dairy milk, such as almond or oat milk
  • Seeds, such as flax or chia, can be found in flax or chia seeds
  • Coconut oil or avocado oil are examples of a healthy fat like coconut oil or avocado
  • Plain Greek yogurt is a protein that needs to be digested by a protein like plain Greek yogurt

If you have all of these ingredients, you're on your way to making a healthy and delicious smoothie. Fruit should be the most fruit to make sure it does not contain a lot of sugar, only 20 percent of your smoothie should be fruit to ensure that it does not contain a lot of sugar. Also, for the liquid, you should avoid using fruit juice or other sugary beverages. The fun part of smoothies is that there are a variety of fruits to mix together. It's also fun to see the colors you can get with different ingredients.

If you like, you can have a smoothie every day. Some people take a smoothie challenge and replace their lunch or dinner with a smoothie for a set number of days. No matter what you like to do, today is a great day to start drinking smoothies.

How to celebrate #globalsmoothieday

Make your own smoothie is the best way to commemorate this day. If you don't have a blender, try a smoothie at your local smoothie bar. This is also a great day to try a green smoothie or a version you've never tried before. Go wild and have a smoothie party with your coworkers! You can also learn how whole foods can improve your health. With #GlobalSmoothieDay, don't forget to share your favorite smoothie dish on social media.

The global smoothie day is the first global smoothie day in history

In 2015, Rhea Mehta, Ph.D., founded Global Smoothie Day. Rhea, a molecular toxicologist and leading health and wellness specialist from Canada, is a molecular toxicologist and leading health and wellness specialist. Rhea was able to resolve her health problems after years of suffering from digestive problems, and with a change in diet and lifestyle, she was able to resolve her health problems. These changes included the ability to drink smoothies made with whole foods.