Global Pay It Forward Day - April 28
Fri Apr 28th

Global Pay It Forward Day

Every year, Global Pay It Forward Day, encourages people around the world to partake in a small act of kindness on April 28th. It's a day to be kind to someone else in response to someone's kindness toward you.

Has anyone ever done something nice for you when you least expected it? Perhaps they gave you a small gift. Or they gave you a hug just for being. There's a good chance that someone extended kindness, it made you smile. The performance may have made you cry tears of joy. This is what kindness does. And here's why the world needs more of it. When people are generous, it makes you want to be kind in return. Can you imagine if everyone in the world was kind to one another all of the time? While this may seem impossible, it doesn't mean you can't try to be more generous to others.

Why not pay it forward if someone has recently done something nice for you? In return, do something kind for someone else. Here are some great suggestions: If you're not sure how to pay it forward, here are some great suggestions: If you're not sure how to pay it forward.

  • Buy the coffee or meal for the individual behind you in line (a great place to do this is the drive-thru)
  • At least three people you see deserve a compliment, so give them a compliment
  • Send a positive text message or gif to five people on your contact list
  • Send a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates to a friend
  • For a friend or family member, we can provide free babysitting or dog walking
  • Donate to a charitable group
  • Buy a neighbor who needs a gift card to a grocery or department store

There are several, many ways to pay it forward. The key is to give compassion to someone who least expects it.

How to celebrate #globalpayitforwardday on #globalpayitforwardday

Paying it forward is the best way to remember this day. For additional suggestions, try one of the suggestions above or search the internet for other suggestions. Encourage your acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, and family members to pay it forward. Share with others a time someone extended kindness to you and how it made you feel. "Pay It Forward" is a film that "Pay It Forward" can be watched by a group or a movie night. #PayItForwardDay: Share your favorite pay-it-forward tip or story on social media with #PayItForwardDay.

History of the global pay it forward day has a long history

In 2007, Blake Beattie founded Global Pay It Forward Day, which was initiated in 2007. Beattie, author, and Australia's management consultant, is an international speaker, blogger, and trainer. This day of kindness, Catherine Ryan Hyde's book "Pay It Forward" inspired him to start this day of kindness. The book was turned into a film starring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt in 2000. In 85 countries, this unique day is now celebrated.