Global Hug Your Kids Day - July 19
Wed Jul 19th

Global Hug Your Kids Day

Every year on the third Monday in July, Global Hug Your Kids Day encourages parents around the world to hug their children. It's also a day to remind that it's important to express love for others when you still can.

When was the last time you gave someone a hug? When did you last get one? A hug is a wonderful thing that conveys many things. Hugs are a great way to tell someone you care about them. Hugs can also be used to say hello or goodbye. Some people give hugs to wish someone good fortune. Giving a hug can be a great way to apologize to someone without using words.

Hugs are for everyone, but parents must hug their children on a daily basis. According to study, children benefit when their parents hug them. The following are some of the benefits of hugging a child every day:

  • Making the child feel secure makes it feel safe
  • Reducing feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Children are loved for who they are
  • Teaching children how to express empathy and concern for others
  • Boosting immunity and improving overall wellbeing can be helpful
  • Both the parent and the child make me feel better

According to study, children who hugged often in their early years had a larger hippocampus than those who were not. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that controls learning and memory.

It's so simple to hug your child, so go ahead and hug them today and every day!

How to celebrate #globalhugyourkidsday

The best way to commemorate this day is to give your child a hug. In fact, this is a day you could #CelebrateEveryDay on. Other ways to participate include:: Here are some other ways to participate:

  • Read your child a book about hugs, such as Nobody Hugs a Cactus by Carter Goodrich, Time for a Hug by Phillis Gershator, or Big Hugs, Little Hugs by Felicia Bond
  • Learn more about the benefits of hugging your child
  • If you don't love your loved ones enough, promise to do so
  • Consider the last hug you received and journal how it made you feel

#GlobalHugYourKidsDay is a hashtag on social media. Share this day on social media with #GlobalHugYourKidsDay.

Your kids day is the first global hug your kids day history

In 2008, Michelle Nichols founded Global Hug Your Kids Day, which was initiated by Michelle Nichols. She began the day ten years after her son Mark died. Mark was only 8 years old when he lost his battle against brain cancer. With a simple hug every day, She began the day to remind parents and dads to show love to their children.


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