Global Cat Day | October 16, 2022
Mon Oct 16th

Global Cat Day

On October 16th, the nation's non-lethal feline services are on display. At a much faster rate than any other shelter animal, cats, and kittens face euthanization. However, services such as trap, neuter, and release (TNR) are enabling cats to live full and healthy lives right in our communities.


TNR programs are designed to reduce shelters and overall colony populations around the country. Feral and stray cats are trapped in TNR programs, which are trapping feral and stray cats. They are then neutered and vaccinated under the care of a veterinarian. Their ears are tipped to indicate that they have been neutered. Then the cat is released back into the neighborhood where they were captured.

Long-term studies around the country show that not only does the population declines, but the cats live out their lives healthier. In addition, these services save taxpayers money over time.

  • Calls for animal care have been reduced, but animal service calls have been reduced
  • The burden on shelters is lessens in Lessens
  • Neighborhoods are becoming quieter as mating activity decreases

Adoption doesn't always work, which is why adoption doesn't always work

Feral cats – cats that have never had human contact – don't seem to be able to relate well with humans. They will always be feral and unable to be adopted, and they will never be able to be adopted. Feral cats prefer the wild. They have the best chance of living side by side with humans thanks to a TNR program.

However, adoption is also a viable option for stray cats and kittens under the age of 12 weeks. If you are looking for a pet of your own, visit your local shelter if you are looking for a pet of your own.

How to celebrate global cat day?

Learn more about TNR services. Donate or volunteer to support a cause near you. In a humane way, you can help protect and monitor the cat population in your neighborhood. To make a difference, share details about TNR services.

To find out more, visit to find out more. To post on social media, use #GlobalCatDay.

The global cat day has been celebrated for the first time in history

Alley Cat Allies' National Feral Cat Day, which was established by Alley Cat Allies in 2001, has taken the place of National Feral Cat Day.


My cat's tongue is always sticking out. What is the name of the call?

A. Many cats will let their tongue hang out during their day. herp, or merp. Cat owners refer to this as a derp, blep, herp, or merp. Although in the majority of cases, your cat is likely just being cute, there are occasions when it is a sign of an oral disorder. Check with your veterinarian if the behavior is new to be sure there is no disease-causing your feline critter discomfort.

Q. How many domestic cat breeds are there?

A. Different sources report different breeds, and the number changes from time to time. The number is somewhere between 40 and 80 breeds.

Q. My friend is always making cat puns. How can I make her stop?

A. Yikes! That's claw-ful. However, it is not a cat-astrophy. Cat puns are a purr-fect way to have some fun. Your friend is just being clawed-ver. You should be grateful that she is in your life, as you should feel tense.