Global Belly Laugh Day - January 24
Tue Jan 24th

Global Belly Laugh Day

Global Belly Laugh Day, January 24th, honors laughter's wonderful gift of laughter. It's also a day to experience the positive benefits of smiling and laughing.

Have you ever yelled loudly without restraint? Have you ever yelled out of place? If so, you had what's described as a belly laugh. This sort of chuckle comes from deep inside. In the 1920s, the term "belly laugh" was coined. When yelling loudly, it refers to a moving belly.

  • There are other ways to describe a belly laugh, including:: a belly laugh is described in other ways:
  • A raucous yell that can't be controlled
  • A sudden burst of laughter
  • A joking and hearty laugh
  • A heavy laugh

People often find that a good belly laugh makes them feel relaxed. Why is this? Why is this? One reason is that laughter stimulates the organs. A belly laugh does't just stimulate the stomach, but it doesn't just stimulate the stomach. This kind of laughter also stimulates the heart and lungs.

Laughter also raises endorphins, which are the body's "feel-good hormones." A good belly laugh also increases circulation and loosens the muscles. So if you're feeling down, it's likely that you'll watch a funny movie or listen to a comedian.

Laughing with others is just as beneficial as it can strengthen family bonds. If you are with a group of people, you will find that laughter is contagious. Some people can't help but join in and laugh, too, when one laughs.

How to celebrate #globalbellylaughday

The symbol for this day is a smiling sun with 7 rays and dimples with the numbers 1 and 24. This is the belief that laughter and sunshine can change our days 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People on all seven continents are encouraged to laugh at 1:24 p.m. local time on January 24th. To participate: To participate: To participate: To participate: You must register:

  • Watch a funny movie or video
  • Go to a comedy club or listen to a comedian
  • Get together with others and take turns telling comedic jokes
  • Have a competition to see who has the best belly laugh

#GlobalBellyLaughDay is a hashtag that has been shared on social media.

History is a tale of global belly laughs on a day

In 2005, Elaine Helle founded Global Belly Laugh Day. Elaine is a licensed laughter yoga instructor. She believes that the gift of laughter is something worth celebrating.