Galentine's Day - February 13
Mon Feb 13th

Galentine's Day

Galentine's Day, the day before Valentine's Day, brings women together to celebrate each other every year.

Women all have one friend who cheers for her female companions. She is their best advocate, listener, and companion. She has your back, no matter what happens. She's the lady who honors women. This day is the kind of day a woman like that would have a party, and she should.

Women from all walks of life, kicking back, and enjoying being women are among the festivities. The day honors achievements and overcoming failures, bringing women, women, and girls together for a good old-fashioned session to drink, eat, talk, and celebrate each other.

How to celebrate #galentinesday

  • A Galentine's Day party is held at the Host
  • Create unique Galentine's dishes, cocktails, and mocktails
  • Have a Galentine's dance party
  • Give each other a pep talk, TED talk, or venting session
  • Do makeovers
  • For the night, get dressed up and go out for the evening
  • Book a cruise and take off for the weekend and take off for the weekend
  • But be sure to post it on social media using the hashtag #GalentinesDay

Galentine's day in history galentine's day

Character Leslie (Amy Poehler) throws an annual Galentine's Day party for her girlfriends in 2010 during the sixth season (2010) of "Parks and Recreation). (ep107 "Galentine's Day"). Gradually, the idea of Galentine's Day parties has flourished. Many national businesses were promoting the holiday by 2017, and it became a trend.

Galentine's FAQ

Q. Is company celebrate the day? Q. Can companies celebrate the day?

A. They sure can! Several companies have multiple packages. Some companies have multiple packages.

Q. Can I make a theme for the day?

A. Yes. Yes. Any of these suggestions may include: Some suggestions may include:

  • Wear something other than pink
  • Costume party dressed up as your favorite celebrity from history
  • Recipe swap
  • Movie night