February 7th is E-day, National Fettuccine Alfredo, National Periodic Table, National Send A Card To A Friend and more!


Every year on February 7th, E-Day commemorates the mathematical constant e, also known as Euler's Number. It's also a day to learn more about Leonhard Euler, the Swiss mathematician.

National Fettuccine Alfredo Day

National Fettuccine Alfredo Day, February 7th, honors one of the world's favorite ways to enjoy a plate of fettuccine.

National Periodic Table Day

National Periodic Table Day is commemorated on February 7th, as the first table of elements is published. We also take a look at how the periodic table has shifted through the years.

National Send A Card To A Friend Day

On February 7th, National Send A Card To A Friend Day reminds us to send friendly greetings through the mail. We do this by sending a note or a letter on a card to the people we hold dear. We often think about our friends throughout the year. We wonder how they are, miss them, and recall fond memories of times shared.