February 5th is National Shower With A Friend, National Weatherperson’s, World Nutella and more!

National Shower With A Friend Day

On National Shower with a Friend Day on February 5th, a tongue-in-cheek way of informing people about the benefits of filter-free, chlorine-free water is to educate them about the benefits of filtered, chlorine-free water.

National Weatherperson’s Day

All meteorologists, weather forecasting, and broadcast meteorology are honored on February 5th, National Weatherman's Day (also known as National Weatherman's Day) is always celebrated on February 5th. Volunteer storm spotters, observers, and others who work in the weather field are also recognized on the day.

World Nutella Day

What happens when hazelnuts and chocolate collide on World Nutella Day. For example, millions of people celebrate on February 5th each year.