February 26th is National Letter To An Elder, National Pistachio, National Tell A Fairy Tale and more!

National Letter To An Elder Day

Every year, the National Letter to an Elder Day, encourages pen to paper and writing to an elder you know. The day serves to remind loved ones that they love hearing from us and that a simple letter brightens their day.

National Pistachio Day

All things pistachio are pistachio, and National Pistachio Day is the day to celebrate on February 26th. Pistachio enthusiasts rejoice as they eat their favorite nut all day long. Buy some and give them to someone who does not like pistachios to those who do not. Crack them open and eat them up or enjoy them in ice cream or your favorite pistachio dessert.

National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Have a happily ever after kind of day on February 26th. It's National Tell A Fairy Tale Day!