February 20th is National Cherry Pie, National Comfy, National Leadership, National Love Your Pet, National Muffin and more!

National Cherry Pie Day

On February 20, Some pie enthusiasts will be enjoying their favorite pie on National Cherry Pie Day. Depends on how much they love cherry pie, whether they eat it for breakfast, lunch, or supper or a slice at every meal.

National Comfy Day

On National Comfy Day, February 20th, allow yourself to get comfortable and relax. It's time to relax in your favorite spot and take a break from the daily grind.

National Leadership Day

The importance of leadership is set aside on National Leadership Day to celebrate leadership's importance. Every year, on February 20th, we recognize the impact that leaders make in people's lives as they continue to educate themselves and others.

National Love Your Pet Day

Pet lovers from around the world observe National Love Your Pet Day on February 20th. This holiday, we are focusing more on our animals. The day encourages pampering our animals and focusing on the unique human relationships pets have in our lives.

National Muffin Day

National Muffin Day, on February 20th, is a popular celebration that includes flavor and options.