February 2th is National Groundhog, National Heavenly Hash, National Tater Tot, World Play Your Ukulele, World Wetlands and more!

National Groundhog Day

One question is asked each year on February 2nd, the National Groundhog Day. Will he see his shadow? Ok, well, maybe it asks another question. Will there be six more weeks of winter? In the United States and Canada, the day is commemorated each year.

National Heavenly Hash Day

On February 2nd, a family's favorite that covers a variety of desserts with a common ingredient is recognized.

National Tater Tot Day

National Tater Tot Day, February 2nd, recognizes a kitchen staple. We consume about 3.5 billion of these nuggets of potato goodness per year in the United States.

World Play Your Ukulele Day

Every year on February 2nd, World Play Your Ukulele Day encourages music enthusiasts to take out their four-stringed guitar and strum away. It's also a day to get people interested in the ukulele.

World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day, each year on February 2nd, commemorates the founding of the Convention on Wetlands and raises concerns about the world's vanishing wetlands.