February 19th is National Arabian Horse, National Chocolate Mint, National Lash, National Vet Girls Rise and more!

National Arabian Horse Day

Arabian horses fill their owners with a passion equal to that held for loved family members. National Arabian Horse Day is every day to them. However, the Arabian horse is recognized as one of the world's most popular breeds on February 19.

National Chocolate Mint Day

National Chocolate Mint Day is celebrated annually around the world on February 19th, and is recognized by the US National Confectioners Association. This holiday has been set aside for all the chocolate mint lovers to enjoy their favorite treats all day long.

National Lash Day

Each year, on February 19th, the love and desire for authentic and false eyelashes is celebrated. The day gives you the opportunity to investigate the benefits and fashion of lashes.

National Vet Girls Rise Day

National Vet Girls RISE Day, February 19th, honors the countless sacrifice of the nearly 2 million U.S. veteran women.