February 10th is National Home Warranty, National Umbrella, Plimsoll, World Pulses and more!

National Home Warranty Day

On February 10th, National Home Warranty Day reminds us to shield the essential appliances and parts of our homes.

National Umbrella Day

On February 10th, the National Umbrella Day casts a little shadow. The umbrella is one of the world's most useful products, and the day honors one of the world's most useful inventions, the umbrella.

Plimsoll Day

Samuel Plimsoll is the Plimsoll Day in the United States every year on February 10th. The Englishman was a politician and social reformer who is credited with making ships safer.

World Pulses Day

Every year on February 10th, World Pulses Day honors plants called pulses' dry edible seeds. The day also aims to highlight pulses' numerous health benefits.