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Dewey Decimal System Day

Dewey Decimal System Day, December 10th, honors a system of classification and the man who created it. Melvil Dewey (1851-1931), a poet from 1851, was born on December 10, 1851. The librarian invented the Dewey Decimal system of library classification.

The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) or Dewey Decimal System, the year when American Librarian Melvil Dewey invented and established it, has been in use since 1876, the year when American Librarian Melvil Dewey invented and established it. The numerical system organizes mainly non-fiction books, dividing them into ten main categories.

Modern libraries maintain the system using modern technologies since its inception. Also, a series of expansions and revisions helps keep the system current and progressive. The DDC is the world's most widely used classification system. The DDC has been translated into 30 different languages by libraries in 135 countries around the world.

It is currently published by the Online Computer Library Center, Inc., and its editorial offices are located within the Library of Congress' Decimal Classification Division.

Melvil dewey

Dewey's obsession with simplification led him to the development of a library science that revolutionized library science. Melville Louis Kosuth Dewey, a child in update New York, was 21 when he invented the Dewey Decimal Classification system.

He also established library standards and advanced library instruction. Dewey went on to help establish the American Library Association and edited the Library Journal, as well as establishing and editing the Library Journal. He sold library books as an entrepreneur. Dewey pioneered the way for new librarians by establishing the first library school at Columbia College in New York City and later became the director of Albany's New York State Library.

How to celebrate #deweydecimalsystemday

Visit a library and explore the Dewey Decimal System.

  • To learn more about the library's equipment, visit your local library or read about library organization to learn more about the library's use
  • Learn more about library science
  • Melvil Dewey's Efficient, Inventive (Often Annoying) Melvil Dewey by Alexis O'Neill and illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham
  • Learn about the different careers in a library degree program. Librarians use the Dewey Decimal System. The Dewey Decimal System is one of librarians' favorite tools There are so many more!

To post on social media, use the hashtag #DeweyDecimalSystemDay.

Dewey decimal FAQ

Where does science fiction fall in the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)? In the DDC, there are ten broad classifications. The 800-899 Literature classification includes science fiction as well as other works of literature.

Q. I'm writing my memoirs. How will the DDC categorize my book? How will the DDC classify my book? Memoirs are usually discovered under 900-999 History and Geography classification.

Q. Is there another classification system in place?

A. Yes. Yes. Many libraries use the Library of Congress Classification System (LC).