December 7th is International Civil Aviation, National Cotton Candy, National Illinois, National Pearl Harbor Remembrance and more!

International Civil Aviation Day

The International Civil Aviation Day, December 7th, raises concerns about the importance of international civil aviation. The annual observance also acknowledges the vital part that civil aviation plays in the establishment of a fast transit network around the world.

National Cotton Candy Day

National Cotton Candy Day honors the spun sugar treat that delights candy enthusiasts of all ages. Get your favorite flavor of this sweet treat that dates back to the 1400s on December 7th.

National Illinois Day

We recognize each state in the order they entered the union, beginning with Hawaii and ending with Hawaii on Independence Day. We feature a small part of each state's past, foods, and the people who make up the state. There's so much more to discover, we can't help but celebrate our beautiful country even more.

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in the United States honors those who lost their lives when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. On that solemn day, more than 3,500 Americans died or were injured.