December 4th is Cabernet Franc, International Cheetah, National Cookie, National Dice, National Sock and more!

Cabernet Franc Day

This exquisite wine is on display in Cabernet Franc Day on December 4th. This is also known as Cab Franc Day, so it is a day to learn more about this style of wine.

International Cheetah Day

Every year, International Cheetah Day, encourages people around the world to help this species win the fight against extinction.

National Cookie Day

The cookie's origins are believed to have originated in Persia in the 7th century, shortly after the use of sugar became common in the area. They then migrated to Europe through Spain's Muslim conquest of Spain. Cookies were ubiquitous at all levels of society throughout Europe by the 14th century, from the royal cuisine to the street vendors.

National Dice Day

National Dice Day, which falls on December 4th, recognizes an ancient gaming device. Many games include dice as a way to introduce random challenges or obstacles to the objectives. It's time to play the dice and see where you land!

National Sock Day

The marriage of matched socks, which is one of the rarest of all lasting marriages, is commemorated on December 4th. It's time to celebrate when they find each other, wash after wash, dry after to dry.

Santa's List Day

Santa's List Day is on December 4th, the day that Santa puts together his list of naughty and nice children. It's also a day for kids to start working on their holiday wish lists.

Wildlife Conservation Day

Wildlife Conservation Day, which takes place each year on December 4th, aims to raise concerns about conserving and protecting the natural world and its inhabitants. In addition, the observance seeks to put an end to wildlife murder and promote the Endangered Species Act.