December 15th is Bill Of Rights, Cat Herders, International Tea, National Cupcake, National Lemon Cupcake and more!

Bill Of Rights Day

## (by presidential proclamation) The bill of rights day is the day of the rights day (by presidential proclamation).

Cat Herders Day

On December 15th, Catherders Day honors those whose life or work is like herding cats.

International Tea Day

Every year, tea-producing countries commemorate International Tea Day on December 15th. The day aims to bring the attention of governments and citizens around the world to the effects that the tea trade has on workers and growers around the world.

National Cupcake Day

Each year, December 15th also celebrates National Cupcake Day. The cupcake was originally named the 1-2-3-4 cake because the dish called for 1 cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of flour, 4 eggs, as well as 1 cup of milk, as well as 1 spoonful of baking soda.

National Lemon Cupcake Day

National Lemon Cupcake Day is for those who enjoy this refreshing baked dish, and it is observed annually on December 15th.

National Wear Your Pearls Day

On December 15th, National Wear Your Pearls Day reminds us that even if life throws dirt our way, we all have value in the end. One irritable grain of sand can cause an iridescent pearl to appear, resulting in the stunning result of nature's art.