December 1th is Antarctica, Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation, Civil Air Patrol, National Eat A Red Apple, National Pie and more!

Antarctica Day

Antarctica Day, December 1st, commemorates the Antarctic Treaty's centennial. It's also a day to learn more about this chilly and barren continent.

Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day

Every year on December 1st, Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day, Bifocals, encourages you to refrain from blurry images.

Civil Air Patrol Day

On December 1, Civil Air Patrol Day is an annual event that is held on December 1.

National Eat A Red Apple Day

Everyone is encouraged to eat a red apple on December 1st, National Eat a Red Apple Day. A day keeps the doctor away, the adage says, and today is a good time to test that theory.

National Pie Day

On National Pie Day, dessert enthusiasts around the country enjoy a slice of their favorite on December 1st each year. Pie is so delectable that we repeat it twice a year. January 23rd is the most popular date.

Rosa Parks Day

On February 4th, or December 1st, Rosa Parks Day honors an American Civil Rights hero twice a year. Rosa Parks, the civil rights leader, is honored on the holiday.

World Aids Day

Every year, World AIDS Day is held on December 1st to raise concerns of the AIDS pandemic and to honor those who have died as a result of the disease.